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Batteries And Accessories For Sale Near Frankfort

Whether you have a sedan, coupe, minivan, SUV, or truck, it matters what you have both inside and outside. Start where reliability matters: under the hood. After that, you can beautify your ride inside and out. We have the batteries and accessories to keep your car running strong and looking sharp, for sale near Frankfort at Planet Toyota.

Strong and silent, your car's battery plays a key role and knowing what goes into a battery is important. A “normal” battery life is around four years. However, this doesn't take into account the exposure to extreme cold, excessive heat and the extra drain due to charging your phone, MP3 player, GPS, and any other of your devices (give your poor car a rest once in a while!). Now it's time to brush up on some chemistry. Inside every battery there is a reaction taking place. You have any number of lead plates suspended in a mix of water and sulfuric acid, which allows electricity to flow when you crank the engine. Excessive vibration from rough driving, extreme heat and cold, and even a poorly secured battery can lead to the breakdown of this reaction. While convenient and nice, taking short trips means the battery never fully charges and thus wears down more quickly. Just like you and I, it needs to fully recharge! Take the long way home once in a while. Roll down your window and take in the air; it's great for you and your vehicle. Knowing the age of your batter give you a leg up on when to replace it. Not sure how long you've had yours? Come in for a load capacity test and find the strength of your battery!

Accessories are a great way to add flair to your automobile and even help increase its longevity. Now, the simple addition of all-weather floor mats may not sound exhilarating, but they are a way to save on the wear and tear to your carpet. A cargo net, tray, or tote helps to your groceries, sports equipment, or automotive tools in place. Want to make a flashy entrance anywhere you go? Get the illuminated door sills. With its brushed stainless steel and polished accents, a cool blue LED logo illuminates every time you open the door. Available for vehicles with the Smart Key system or remote keyless entry, you can have your vehicle heated or cooled and ready for you.Start it up without even having to go outside! Grab that hot mug of coffee and get going. The vehicle security system is a great accessory, with its ability to know when a window is broken and disable the starter. The body side moldings and door edge guards help protect against unwanted denting or scratching, as well as adding a stylish flair to any vehicle. Form follows function on your Toyota! For those with a truck or minivan, you can add the tow hitch receiver, trailer ball, and mount for all your boat, Jet Ski, or towing needs. A special addition to any truck are the running boards, tube steps, and bed extender, making it easier to pack it up, get in, and go. Great for all Toyota vehicles is the paint protection plan, where a near-invisible urethane film guards the hood, bumper, and door handle against stones and other debris. Added accessories not only make your vehicle stand out more, they help you in your everyday life!

Having a vehicle that's dependable helps put your mind at ease. Having a vehicle that affords you certain luxuries does the same. First start with what you need, then move on to what you want. Accessories and batteries are for sale near Frankfort at Planet Toyota.


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